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Businesses Support

Sales are the foundation of every business, but is having a great product the only requirement to run a successful business?

It's easy to get ahead of yourself, visualising all the sales, success and recognition that could be generated from your offering. great service or product will get you nowhere if there's zero need for it, therefore, it is a lot to consider.  To launch a product/service it takes time, careful planning, investment, marketing and etc. And how about competition and other obstacles which Sellers are facing?  

Its why we designed the platform to support, help and move your business forward by giving an opportunity to build and thrive a successful business. All tools you will need it will be at your fingertip:

Financial support

Free website with many different themes/layouts

Free advertisement

Private domain or subdomain registration

15 languages platform

Connection to your social media platforms

Shipping regulated by you

Secure payment system

Blogs and much more…

As your business grows we will support you all the way along with:

Access to Global Suppliers and OEMs

Massive discounts from local, national and seasonal offers

Unlimited commissions and possible advertisement from other Partners*

Unlimited sales of own sourced products or services*

Bulk or bundle sales with products or services and much more...

Who Benefits?


As the platform is a one-stop selling/shopping option for Individuals and Companies. It was designed with a passion to help others by creating Sellers Community Center. The platform based on Teamwork which encourages Manufacturers, Wholesale Suppliers, Sellers and Resellers to join a marketplace that hosts hundreds of different sellers and factories and provides a gateway to: 


Sell or resell products/services Connect with other Sellers /Resellers Increased global access by extending the business to another country and much more...

Hospitals, Farm Shops, Clinics, Salons, Supermarkets, Retail Shops, Gymnasiums, Schools, Hotels, Leisure Centres, Care Homes, Department Stores, etc. could benefit from huge discounts

Charities or Non-profit organisations could gain financial support*

Manufacturers and Suppliers can list their products for free*
Free advertising options
are available for all Sellers


By adopting a unique and beneficial business model, the Sellers achieving resultant sales without reduced revenue or involving yourself in price wars.

*Based on Membership ‘Professional’

*Charities or Non-profit organisations please contact us here to get the SSL certificate discount.

* If you manufacturer and Supplier please contact us here to get the SSL certificate discount.