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Unique Business

Looking at e-commerce platforms we understood that to offer a selling platform or free website or some marketing tools won’t be a solution to a Seller. We needed to come with the idea which would be truly unique and solve not just Sales problems, but also would help to develop the business.

Then, what makes our business better than competitors? 

We could distinguish a few very important and specific benefits that make our business stand out when compared to other businesses in the market. It is Financial support and Product or Service distribution.

Doesn’t matter which kind of business you are representing, usually, the Business Owners are struggling in those areas. Therefore, a professional Developers’ team, built a unique system to help and suppnot businesses, individuals, charities or non-profit organisations in these areas.

Business Ethics and Foundation Principals

When businesses struggle alone to solve the problems, go through challenges which they are facing every day and feeling pressure to be on the ‘Top of the world’ - it's a hard task.  Therefore we created a Sellers community based platform where together we could do more without losing businesses authenticity.  


The international platform is built on the five principal foundation stones of Simplicity, Quality, Service, Affordability and Rewards. 

Why rewards? 

Because we think that business owners and charities deserve it as they work very hard to make peoples’ lives easier. As everybody faces their own challenges, therefore this business model will be suitable for individuals as well. We would like to contribute a tiny droplet of happiness to their lives as well. 

How would we support you?

Here you can choose your company/brand name and register the website as a private domain or subdomain. By opening a FREE website, we will provide more access to advertise your product/services FREE of charge. 

Access to Global Suppliers and OEMs, massive discounts from local, national and seasonal offers, commissions and possible advertisement from other Partners will open a possibility to build a relationship between businesses and individuals without the distraction of Competition. Whilst competition can be a healthy facet of the business, it can also lead to internal hostility, price wars, reduced revenue, bitterness and ultimately self-destruction. 


Financial support with a unique reward system will help to achieve dreams and help grow.

Who Benefits?


As a platform based on Teamwork, it encourages Manufacturers, Wholesale Suppliers, Sellers and Resellers to join a marketplace that hosts hundreds of different sellers and factories. It will open possibilies for business to get stronger and gives better products/services distribution to both sides.


The Charities are continually in need of funding and supplies to keep their operations going. As non-profit Organizations are to step in to help those in need, our mission is to support and contribute in any way we can. Therefore some Sales, Membership profit is donated to worthy, charitable organisations. Also, charities can benefit in the same way as businesses by opening a professional FREE website and selling/reselling products, services, vouchers or by making auctions etc.




How about capital or investment?


Conventional retailing and especially wholesaling usually results in holding substantial quantities of stock, a business overdraft and/or loan, renting or purchasing appropriate premises, fitting out, employing staff, paying business rates, meeting utility bills and working set hours each day (often at weekends).

If you are not Manufacturer or Supplier here you need no stock, no business overdraft or loan, no premises (work from home), no staff, no business rates, no additional utility bills, able to work flexi-time. A business can be started with absolutely NO MONEY.

Why is it good to register?

Probably everybody would like to be known by their brand, product or services and expanding the business without investing any money. Is it really possible? Yes!


If you Manufacturer or Supplier with good quality products and willingness to give a Seller a good discount your product could be promoted around the world FREE of charge.

We are here to tell the world about your business by promoting your products or services on the platform websites or special media. 

As a Seller or Reseller it will take some of your time and effort to tell family, friends or customers about your OWN website, but you will have our support and help in sales. 

This is just one feature which could open doors for your business to expand. And how about bulk or bundle sales, website maintenance, security, protection etc. You can connect with other Suppliers, build a customer base, connect to social media platforms, write blogs and much more...


Unique Business Plan


If you are planning to open a business, or already running a successful business, or just wandering around or searching for a good idea, search no further.  By choosing an innovative Partnership Plan, which does not foster competitive hostility and does not demand any investment, you open doors for success without anything to lose.  (Watch Video). 


Many people join as a Partner “Free” with no Registration Fee to pay (one-off SSL certificate minimum fee apply), no investment in products but soon enjoying the huge discounts and commissions which can be earned by developing business and not being dependent on others success. 


Becoming serious about the business potential and progress, there is a possibility to join a Partner “Professional” with unlimited access to discounts on thousands of products as well as the ability to earn a passive income.



Where is the catch?

There is no catch as we explained before. The platform was designed to support businesses, individuals, charities by sharing knowledge, networking, and showing compassion to those who need it most. By building up other individuals or businesses,  we all take the path to the greatest effectiveness and productivity.

Here is everyone a winner with nothing to lose!

* If you manufacturer and Supplier please contact us here for the SSL certificate discount.